The Europass CV: Why is it different?


Writing a curriculum vitae is one of the first steps taken when looking for a job or training opportunity. As said in our first post, the CV is most often the first contact you will make with a potential employer. Most often employers spend a few minutes on each CV when making an initial selection from all the applications received. Thus, your CV really needs to make the cut! From all the CV templates available, we are recommending the use of the Europass CV for several reasons, not just because of its straight forward format, but also for the way it can portray your skills and qualifications more clearly and effectively when compared to other formats. Another plus when using this format is its ability in making the essential details clear and easily found within the CV. The Europass CV format gives you the ability to present your skills and qualifications in a very logical way through its division in five particular sections. Namely being:

  1. Personal information
  2. Job applied for
  3. Work experience
  4. Education and Training
  5. Personal skills

Having a CV so comprehensible makes it easier for whoever is reading your CV to match your skills and qualifications with the vacancy or training being applied for. In addition to these aspects, this format can be filled in online with the help of the Europass editor. This facilitates and removes any worries that the template being filled in is not professional enough or too tedious to read. Filling your CV online also makes it easier to adjust timeframes and making your work experiences and training in order. Through this tool you are also given hints and tips on what to include in particular sections. Most of all, filling in your CV can be stress-free since you can also include the skills you acquire from doing your day to day activities.


Until the next post, take a look at the study conducted by the Maltese National Europass Centre in collaboration with the National Commission for Further and Higher Education on the use of the Europass CV by students in Malta.

Europass research 2014 final